The last few weeks have been WILD. Tune in to hear all about it and to catch some vision for what the next two months are about to look like...

A move of God at Carnaval...

The third largest party in the world happens right here in the streets Mazatlan, and this year we went all out with a team of 300 people going into the action to share the Gospel. I helped with the training/overseeing of all of our evangelism teams as well as some content creation for the week. Whether the strategy was through worship, evangelism, art, serving coffee, dance, or using a stage, we saw over a thousand decisions for Christ + baptisms, healings, and outpourings of His presence.


This is the conclusive sentiment we are all feeling at the moment. With everything that has been happening in Universities in the states, I've also been receiving reports from friends in Brazil, Nepal, Australia, throughout Europe, and sincerely all over the world of extended worship, mass repentance, and unprecedented hunger for God. There is no one organization, evangelist, or even location... God is resting His hand on a generation and a moment - the King is on the move!! ✨

Here are a few testimony videos from my social media from Carnaval:

Some photos from carnaval

leaving for outreach

For the next two months...

I will be helping lead this team of people across several major cities of Mexico on tour. The vision behind tours has two major components: 1. going after the hot-spots of where the next generation is in a city and 2. serving the local ministries through trainings and gatherings. We will be focusing on partnership with existing ministries, churches, and missionary friends and serve almost as a catalytic agent to what God is already doing in that location. There are two primary messages: salvation (into Jesus) and activation (into the great commission). The days of waiting for the next generation to just show up are over - it's time we go to them! How are they to join what God is doing if nobody invites them?

So the follow up question: where are they? Universities, cafes, High-schools, clubs. So, at every tour stop we have several days of build-up including heavy evangelism, university outreach, activation and training for local leaders... all leading up to some larger scale event (think mini-crusade, conference, or at one point a 3-day youth camp for 200 students). It's going to be incredibly high-intensity, big energy, and crazy fun. Our first Mexico tour team just returned with some of the wildest testimonies I've heard, and the idea is that every three months a tour team would return to the same locations to stoke that momentum.

Please be praying for us

I write this now days before flying to our first stop in Mexico City! Starting Monday we will be hosting a three day conference for base leaders across Mexico and then off to put together our first public gatherings in a nearby city. A few prayer points:

  1. Unity and Joy in our teams and the churches in Mexico!
  2. Favor in every location and hunger for the Gospel everywhere we go!
  3. Revival and multiplication of what God is doing all across Mexico!!!

thank you...

...feels like an understatement at the moment. I've been blown away by how everyone has rallied around what God is doing. For everyone who has visited, supported financially, prayed fervently, sent an encouragement; for the faithful friends and for the many new friends along the way.. thank you. What an amazing journey we are on, and I'm thrilled to be able to do it all together :)


With love and gratitude,

Lyndon Matthew Lloyd