The last month has been nothing but EVENTFUL. In these last weeks, I was robbed, helped host an outreach team here, and got to participate in several local ministries in Mazatlan. I can’t wait to share it all with you! Let’s get started with how God is empowering the next generation…

Gen-z for Jesus…

Make way. Something so exciting is happening - and while culture is saying that gen-z is a Godless generation, I’ve also never seen passion for the Lord like this before. Last week we helped host an outreach team coming from a summer camp in Hawaii (Commission Youth). They are a group of 13-18 year olds from different parts of the USA, and all of them are HUNGRY for the Lord and filled with boldness. I was so challenged by their level of faith and love for people! During their week here in Mazatlan, we ran kids camps in local barrios, distributed Bibles, completed service projects, and of course prayed and shared the gospel with hundreds along the way. They were fearless.

I was blown away, even after playing a soccer game in a nearby neighborhood, one of 13 year-olds on our team gathered everyone together to preach the Gospel and then prayed over all who wanted to receive the Holy Spirit! When I asked him, Eli, what he sees God doing right now, he responded and said with deep confidence that, God is saving my generation.” Indeed He is, and what a privilege to champion what is happening!

Ministry Highlight: El basuron

Or in english, “The Dump.” I explain it briefly in the video, but this ministry is built off a partnership we’ve made with a local pastor and fruit-store owner who go weekly to a community that live in the dump right outside of our city. I met this pastor about 6 months ago (our base has been partnering with him for a long time) and was able to preach at his church - it’s so special now to see continued relationship months later with the same heart and commitment of multiplying a move of God here in Mazatlan!


I’ve been deeply impacted by the time spent here, and am starting to learn with new profundity what it means to be human and the significance of simply loving the people around us.


Welcome to the less-than-glamorous side of missions - earlier this month I was out running a quick errand at Home-Depot, and after returning to our car 10 minutes later, we discovered that it was broken into and around $5,000 worth of gear was stolen (#jackpot lol). Without much help from the police, we ended up locating the robbers ourselves with the “find-my” app on my phone connected to the stolen AirPods in my bag. Around midnight the connection settled down at an apartment nearby…

So, after 5 calls and waiting two hours for the police, we finally ended up knocking on the door of the thief at 2am (kinda stupid now that I think about it haha), but he opened the door and immediately “confesses” that he has our stuff and that our bags magically ended up in his “rented car.” He proceeds to give us about half of our stuff back, and was unwilling to give us anything else claiming he didn’t have it with him (clearly lying). The police simply watched and thanked them, and no further action was taken.

We left that night feeling so used - where was the justice?!? The one who stole from us stood before us and lied straight to our faces while the people who were supposed to bring justice to the situation applauded the robber’s generosity and shook his hand…

What I learned:

Not to over-spiritualize the situation, but God has used this to change my heart in such a profound way. The Bible’s radical invitation is to “love your enemies,” “forgive,” and “bless those who persecute you.” It sounds nice and cute in theory, but man living this out can be quite the challenge! Consider: this thief betrayed and stole from me, wasn’t rightly punished for his choices, and then I was the one who ended up literally paying the price for his injustice against me (with time, money, etc). On what grounds could I logically love this person? I realized something life-changing. When I flip the roles, I am actually the one who has betrayed God, abused his love, stolen from him, and HE was the one to pay the price to fulfill justice, restore relationship between us, and freely release me from what I rightly deserved.

And it’s from that place of starting to deeply understand the insanity of God’s grace that I’ve been given the opportunity to understand in a deeper way what it means to radically extend grace to others and actually bless those who do me wrong with sincere love in my heart. Definitely a lesson and story I will never forget.

Quick photo dump :)

New Developments // What’s Next?

Lot’s of fun things! I will be flying to Los Angeles to visit my family at the end of the month, and immediately after will go to Colombia to help host our first ever missions mobilization conference! Beyond that timeline, there’s several options on the table to consider, and I’ll keep you posted as things unfold :)

At the moment, a newer development is that over the last few weeks I’ve learned how much I love creating/sharing stories! God has opened several doors related to media and content creation, and I’m currently helping run our social accounts on base and even have hopped back onto my own personal accounts! Feel free to find me on Instagram (@lyndonlloyd_) for some more day-to-day updates on what God is doing here!

(And, if you came here from Instagram or TikTok for the first time, welcome!)


My prayer is that the stories I capture will awaken the bride of Christ to action in the Great Commission.

Lastly… THANK YOU!!!!!!!

I am only able to fully invest into what God has here because there is a team of incredible people who all believe and have invested - whether time, prayer, or resources - into it alongside me. The things we get to be a part of are truly changing and impacting lives practically and spiritually, and I’m beyond grateful to be doing it all together. Thank you for your commitment and love - your support is beyond appreciated :)

In the Beloved,

Lyndon Matthew Lloyd

“And this is the way to have eternal life—to know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, the one you sent to earth.”


If you are still reading this, hi haha. I couldn’t help but simply state my excitement for the things I see happening in the Kingdom and for the bigness of what I sense God is doing internationally. This is so much different and grander in scope than just telling people about some way to go heaven or some religion to make someone’s life feel better… we are talking about the King of Kings receiving the full reward of His sacrifice. Soon. I want to share some more wild statistics at some point in the near future that outline the place we are at in global missions, but we are truly living in historic times, and we could actually see every people group reached with the Gospel in our lifetime…