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What are the gifts used for?

I am able to live in Mexico and do the work I do because of a team of people who have committed to partner financially on a monthly basis. Since I am responsible for seeking 100% of ongoing resources for my work here, this allows me to have a steady income as I serve as a full-time volunteer and missionary sharing the Gospel to students, locals at home here in Mexico, and to the nations on international outreach. Join me as we populate Heaven together by investing in a Kingdom beyond this earth!

How are funds processed?

Unless a gift is sent through Venmo or Paypal (direct/instant transfer), all funds will be processed through YWAM, the organization that I am on staff with. Even though all of my missionary work will be done through the base here in Mazatlán, Mexico, I have partnered with the base in Tyler, Texas (YWAM Tyler) to handle the accounting and processing of all my funds. This is a non-profit organization, and all donations sent through my own personal link above are tax-deductable, secure, and via bank-to-bank transfer. These gifts can be single donations or automatically drawn on a monthly, quaterly, or anual basis.

can i send you a message?

Yes! Please do! It is my sincere desire to connect with you and begin a lasting friendship. Feel free to click the button below to start a conversation, ask a question, share a fun fact, or even propose a sweet idea. Also, I long to pray for you in a specific way, so please leave a few requests and I will commit to intercede on your behalf! I look forward to connecting :)