Hey there.

I’m Lyndon. I’m from Charlotte, NC. I grew up and lived here until I was 18. It was also this age when something happened that would change my life forever: I met a man named Jesus (I’ll share about that in a second). A lot has happened since then, but right now I am on staff with an organization called YWAM in Mazatlán, Mexico. I have committed to make this home for the next few years, and my role is to serve the locals, disciple and train international students, and go on global outreach in order to share the Gospel. Why? So that every person encounters love Himself and awakens into eternal life through incorruptible union with Christ Jesus. It’s been a wild ride these last four years of walking in relationship with my Creator, and I’ve seen Him with my own eyes heal, deliver, and save thousands all over the world, including myself. I’ve got the funny sense that things are only getting started - let me share my story with you…

I was a normal kid for the most part. I played sports, explored the woods, and made “why?” my favourite question to say in response to everything (yeah, I was that kid). I’ve always loved art, making music, and getting messy; I just wanted to explore and learn about everything! And honestly, not much has changed. One thing is for sure, from childhood I’ve been a seeker. I’ve never been satisfied with the surface, and I have searched the depths for answers to life’s biggest questions since I can remember: Am I enough? Do I have what it takes? Why am I here?

I didn’t know it, but I was searching for a person, for home, for union - I was lovesick for the one I was yet to meet.


I was desperate to know who I was and what I was made for! This longing motivated lots and lots of exploration and seeking. At first this meant trying out the whole party lifestyle for size, starting in middle-school. This introduced some secrecy, substance use, manipulation, and less-than-awesome life choices; I tried everything I could find that the world promised would provide the answers to my questions and finally give me rest. What was the result? Well, I learned to hide. I put on a show in front of others to cover what was really going on. I concluded that even if God was real, He hated me the most and wanted nothing to do with me. I concluded I was unlovable. Alone.


I didn’t know what to do. Later in high-school I tried to cover-up by trying my best to be a “good person.” I had grown up in a Christian family and community, occasionally went to church, and even had some Biblical training from school, so I knew the things to say and do externally, but internally I was drowning in my own shame… and I felt it. Needless to say I was desperate - I tried everything, and whether I was “good” or “bad,” nothing worked. It only made things worse. Why? Because whether I was a good or bad, I was still doing it by myself divorced from the one who made and loved me.

Looking back, though, I see how the Lord was placing mature believers into my life and chasing me down through wildly divine conversations. I didn’t realize it, but I was being discipled and invited to participate in what God was doing on the earth even though I had yet to truly encounter His love. All of these things were seeds that began to flourish and come together during my senior year - everything changed one night when I was visiting a friend in Australia…

“The Lord inclined his ear and heard my cry. He drew me out from the pit of destruction, out of the muck, and placed my feet on solid ground, making my steps secure.”

encountering love

Photo of me the night after I met the Lord in Elizabeth Beach, Australia (shot by Jarrah Duckhs).

That night at Elizabeth Beach, Australia, I encountered Love Himself. It was the most overwhelming experience of my entire life, and every part of me came alive - even emotionally and spiritually. I couldn’t stop stop weeping, I ran and leaped for joy on the beach like a maniac, and I was marked in the best way by His love. I finally found where I belong - with Him. I in Him and Him in me.



Everything changed. Everything. I actually found the one I was looking for - the search was over! And it turns out my “searching” was simply the Holy Spirit drawing me unto Himself all along. I see now that throughout my entire life God was slowly chipping away at my stubborn heart. I see how He was patiently awaiting with expectation and uncontainable gladness for the day I would realize His heart for me and for when He would awaken me into the unity we now share. This revelation of God was SO different than everything I was told and believed all of my life. It’s funny to me, even though I grew up always asking “why?” to everything, I never once explored the real reason why Jesus came…

“God made jesus himself, who knew no sin, to become sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God”

Great news

Slow down… read that verse again. Did you catch that? “…so that we might become the righteousness of God!”

Hm. That’s a very different message than the one I heard my whole life saying, “you’re really sinful and God had to come because, well, you’re bad” or, “you’re just a sinner saved by grace.” To a degree this is true, we have fallen… but do you know the glory in which you have fallen from? And yes, my best attempt to please God is considered filthy rags, but it for sure is not the full story… that’s what makes the cross absolutely insane. I’ll give you a hint: God really loves to restore things back to their intended design.

(And I know, you’re probably thinking, “Lyndon, are you crazy?” Well, yes… crazy free)

Seriously. Listen to this.

In the beginning God creates man by breathing His own life into him. In other words, He gave His essence to mankind and we were united with Him, “created in His own image” (Genesis 1). Mankind lived in perfect union with God in the Garden. We walked together, talked face to face, and partnered in running the earth. There was no thought nor design from God for shame, condemnation, nor sin. All of it was perfect, and this has always been the intended design! So, our story cannot begin with sin; we must start (and finish) at the glory we were made for! However, man chose independence from God, and that marriage union between Creator and creation was divorced. From this point forward, all of mankind is desperately trying by any means possible to work their way back to their original design - being united in relationship with God. Whether it is trying to find hope, joy, peace, etc. through different religions, doing what feels right to you, or trying a “good” person, all of it is ultimately a desperate cry from your heart for what you were truly made for: Him! He is the pure and complete answer to everything to everything we ever need. But, since we were full of sin, and since God is righteous, we only made the problem worse the harder we tried.

BUT GOD, being rich in mercy and full of jealousy for us, His bride (who had chosen other lovers), sent His son and our Bridegroom-King, Jesus, as a man in order to rescue us and to restore this lost union. Hold on. GOD… became MAN! And He didn’t skip any steps. Jesus crock-potted inside of a virgin woman for 9 months, went through puberty, worked a job, and lived a perfect life in my place on earth for 33 years. He knows how to identify with us, and since He was around before the fall of man, Jesus knew the glory and union we fell from. He even was homeless while on earth (so that I could have a home in Him), beaten beyond recognition (so that I could be recognized by God the Father), and was brutally murdered for all of my sin (he actually became it). Oh, and it get’s wayyy better: He rose from the dead to permanently defeat this sin, shame, and condemnation from my legal record forever. That’s right… while every other religious leader died and stayed dead, the God I serve died and literally rose from the dead. All this in order that I, a man who was dead in sin, could unite with Him by joining His resurrection up into His eternal life and now become like him: restored, redeemed, righteous.

But Lyndon what must I to do experience and have this? Well, in the same way that Jesus received my sin to pay it’s consequence of death, He has offered that I receive His righteousness made available by the work of the cross through faith. In other words, you trade your sin/death for His righteousness/life. It’s the best deal I’ve ever heard in my entire life. It’s this crazy gift called grace and it is offered to all people, at all times, in all places, and the only way to receive it is by FAITH in Jesus.

And consider this: There was not one complaint in Jesus at all. Not even one, “man, this Lyndon guy is really making this whole becoming-a-man-and-dying-on-a-cross thing a real inconvenience and annoyance for me.” No. He came because He loved. Not because I did anything or had anything to offer, but because He loved me… and likes me. The Bible says that it was actually his joy to come (Hebrews 12:2). And what were His last words to me on the cross I hung Him on?

“My bride, it is finished.”

Think about that! He came to get married. To me. To you. He was so lovesick for shared union with you that He literally poured out His blood and was crushed so that He could marry you and restore all that was lost in the Garden.

The cosmic purpose of all of creation is to serve as a romantic backdrop for a marriage between God and man.

Two becoming one.

It’s right there in Romans 6, “you have been united with God” in death, burial, resurrection, and in sitting with Him on His throne in the heavenly places. If this is true, which it is, sin is the absolute last thing that should even enter my mind. If I believe the lie that the cross didn’t actually set me free from sin, what do you think I’m going to do? Sin! But what if I really believed what the Bible says? That through the blood of Jesus I have now “become the righteousness of God!” This sounds pretty familiar to how things were in the Garden - God and man in perfect union with absolutely no room for shame, condemnation, nor sin to contaminate their love. And don’t worry, this invitation will never expire and is available right now. This freedom was paid for in blood, and secured by a bridegroom-King who rose from the dead and has now made His home inside of you. Christ alone truly is enough! The blood is enough; it is enough to restore and heal sickness, decades worth of mistakes, sadness, addiction, confusion, trauma, etc etc etc.

This is GREAT news.

Let’s just take a shot of Colossians 1:27 while we are at it:

”Christ living in [insert your name] is the hope of glory.”

So again, am I crazy? Yeah. Crazy free.




Now What?

I remember walking across stage during graduation and the school director grabbing my hand, deeply looking into my eyes, and declaring with conviction, “Lyndon, go set the world on fire for Jesus.” It was in this moment that I knew that this is what I was made for. This is why I am here.

I exist to honor God and help others by leveraging my abilities and entire life in partnership with the Holy Spirit to awaken people to the reality of their union with Christ Jesus, the bridegroom-King!

And boy oh boy, I have had the pure gift of watching the King of Glory do this! In dozens of nations, I have been eye-witness to literally thousands coming awake by God’s grace and love. He didn’t come to make bad people good, He came to make dead people live.

”The Spirit of the Lord is upon me,

because he has anointed me

to proclaim good news to the poor.

He has sent me to proclaim liberty to the captives

and recovering of sight to the blind,

to set at liberty those who are oppressed.”

Luke 4:18

It starts here at home in Mexico and unto the whole earth.

And now I invite you to join me…