after two months on the road across 8 cities in mexico...


Words are hard to find to describe everything that happened. We pushed hard, and I couldn't be more proud of our team and thankful for all that the Lord did. In each location, we would spend a couple days putting on university gatherings, evangelizing, and connecting with churches all leading up to a major city-wide event - at one point we even hosted a 3 day overnight camp for 200 people!

a quick recap

Since January, I have been a part of staffing a D.T.S (Discipleship Training School), or a 5-month intensive school getting to know God and then taking two months on outreach making Him known. For outreach our school split into 5 different countries (Mexico, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Chile, and Argentina). I helped lead out our Mexico tour team, and focused primarily on Gen-Z in Mexico. Events, workshops, worship nights, university gatherings, etc were the name of the game (aka gather as many people as possible). We had two main messages and goals: 1. preach whole-hearted love for Jesus (Christ and Christ crucified, living all in for Jesus). 2. the great commission (your life has purpose!). Thousands heard the Gospel, hundreds responded for the first time giving their life to Jesus, and many committed to living missionally whether in their hometown or now in the nations. Thank you Lord!!!

testimony time...

One of my favorite moments of ministry happened as a surprise one morning in Cuarnavaca. A friend invited us to a men's rehab/jail on the outskirts of the city, so I grabbed a couple guys and went. My friend Deven shared his story (overcoming a 12 year drug addiction, both his parents dying of overdose, a failed marriage) and how God has redeemed his life and wants to do the same with these men. Nearly the whole room responded to the Gospel! Deven looked at me and asked if we could do baptisms.. unsure if it was possible, I asked and was told most didn't know what baptism was. So as I explained to the room, one of our guys went to find a bucket of water and a plastic cup. Then, one by one, around 30 men came forward in tears and repentance. We spent time with each one sharing God's heart/original design over them and declaring what 2 Cor 5 says, that "if anybody is in Christ, he is a new creation; behold, the old has passed away, the new has come!" Something changed in my heart that morning, and I saw a part of God's love for people that I had never felt or seen before. The King we serve is completely outrageous and jealous in the way in He pursues and loves His people. 30 lives, 30 families, 30 generations changed forever. Our contacts are now returning to this center twice weekly to walk with these men in freedom!

what did you learn?

dependency on the Lord. integrity matters. your message is not your words, it's your lifestyle. prioritizing intimacy with the Lord above "ministry" activity - loving Him is your ministry. taking ownership and responsibility. serving, and serving well always. endure hard things with joy. finances/admin is something I enjoy more than thought. Spanish, lots of Spanish... and how to minister, speak, confront, and joke around in a second language. the art of communication is something I get stoked about. friends are one of the greatest gifts of God. it is a privilege to join the work of Holy Spirit. without love, all is for nothing - 1 Cor 13... If I lead the best outreach without love, I've missed it. If I prophecy, have faith for thousands of salvations, or even am killed for my faith... if love is not the motive, I have gained nothing. God is love, and love is the answer.

What's Next bro?

Wonderful question, and beyond the short-term, this is something that I am still sorting out to be honest. For now, I'll be transitioning back to serving on base and doing ministry here in Mazatlan, slowing down the pace a bit and adjusting more to "normal" life in the upcoming weeks. I'll be taking a weekend away in June of silence and solitude to be with the Lord, and in July will be visiting home/traveling to Europe to see friends and family. Beyond that, I have a few options for ministry focus moving into the Fall, so feel free to pray with me for direction!

lastly, THANK YOU.

For the many of you who have prayed, invested financially, and joined along the journey, all of these stories and lives impacted by Jesus are yours too. Thank you for saying "yes" to the Lord with me, and for your partnership thus far. I am deeply grateful for each of you <3 The best is yet to come :)

With love,

Lyndon Matthew Lloyd