What a special several weeks it has been!! I was able to visit friends + family in California for a few days and also go with our team down to Colombia to host our first missions mobilization conference!!!! Back in Mexico, we just welcomed our fall quarter (most packed) crew of students who are coming for a variety of different training schools! It’s been incredible, often challenging, and deeply transformative all at the same time lol - I can’t wait to tell you about it…

Oh also.... I'm approaching the completion of my first year in Mexico (EMOJI: MIND BLOWN 🤯).


As many of you know, I used to live in Los Angeles area for two years. So, returning for a week was such a refreshing highlight of the year - my family also flew out to visit! It was so special seeing some of my favorite humans in the whole world as well as getting connected with incredible people. Specifically, I spent time with friends who run a house church in Studio City with the heart to reach influencers with the Gospel. I was so encouraged - these people have put their reach and reputation on the line for the Kingdom and have created a space for God to encounter those in the entertainment industry. so cool!!!

I also got to meet up with a load of friends who run with Circuit Riders (a branch of YWAM out of Huntington Beach). Their focus is reaching high-schools/colleges both nationally and internationally with the Gospel and they go on tours called "Carry the Love" seeing revival break out. There's much to unpack here, but many people in this ministry have become great friends and spending time with them again felt like a giant family reunion.

my brother Luke and I in California :)


Right before the California visit, two friends from the Circuit Riders crew, Derek Mack and Wesley Foor, came down to our base in Mazatlan to teach our DTS students on activation in global missions - we put together a podcast episode discussing what it means to live a missional lifestyle. Are all Christians called to be missionaries? How do we engage the next generation of believers into missions? Feel free to check out any, none, or all of the conversation here!

Colombia: Burning Hearts Conference

After months of preparation, our team flew down to Colombia to help host our first ever missions mobilization conference! We worked with some great friends/partners (Rescue) with the founding motive of seeing the next generation of believers in Colombia activated into missions. It's our heartbeat to see Latinos mobilized into the nations, so seeing God doing this in Colombia was such an answer to prayer! We met with high-schools and churches leading up to the event, and then over the three days of conference, hundreds gathered hungering and crying out for a fresh move of God.

My role was to help run our social media, lead worship, and teach break-out sessions on storytelling/using media for the Gospel. It was packed, but incredible in so many ways. By the end of the conference, we worshipped, prayer-marched through Bogotá, and responded by many committing to missional living - several from our time there are here now in Mexico getting trained!

Here's some of my favorite photos from the time there:

personal updtates

It's crazy to say this, but I've been involved with the base here in Mexico for almost a year now. ahh!!! Many told me it would take about a year to adjust and settle-in... and they were right hahaha. I feel like I'm just now really starting to see the fruit of a year's worth of investment: cultivated relationships, seeing where I fit, better understanding cultural nuances, building healthy rhythms of life, etc... basically discovering how to not only survive here but actually thrive. Who knows what the next months and years will look like (I'm completely open to anything the Lord might do and lead me into next) however I look back at my first year with such gratitude over all that He's done!

Thank you // Thank you

With all that said, this year has changed my life completely. My greatest point of gratitude is that it has all been done in community: here directly and often over the phone with you. In all the moments of difficulty and all the moments of celebration and everything in between, thank you for your consistent support, prayer, and partnership in what God is doing :)


In the Beloved,

Lyndon Matthew Lloyd

“all my bones will say, 'who is like you'”

bogotá, Colombia