Hi friends!

The last portion of outreach has been so special in many ways. I’ll share first about our time in Egypt, and then about being back in Mexico for ministry during Carnaval (third biggest Mardi-Gras celebration in the world!). There’s been moments of victory, failure, uncontrollable laughter, weeping sessions, extreme fun, celebration, and everything in between. It’s been messy, yet so so so good and beautiful.


The second half of our outreached focused on ministry primarily in Egypt. It was so incredibly special to see and work with friends/ministry partners that I made last summer while in the country. To exchange stories in person, pray for each other, and serve together again was such a boost of encouragement of what God is doing internationally!

While in Egypt, we worked in two primary locations:

Wadi in the Desert

The first week we spent in Egypt was essentially in a dessert village a few hours outside of Cairo. We stayed at a huge property in the middle of nowhere, and our time was filled with physical labour working the land and also having space for spiritual rest. The owner, Amged, calls this space “Eden” (in reference to the Garden of Eden in the Bible) and shared with us his heart for this place to be resembling, literally and spiritually, of our original design from the Creator. The compound was unbelievable - almost 200 varieties of animals and plants imported from all over the world, each one serving a very specific purpose. It was so refreshing to work in the field for a week, shoveling manure and planting literal seeds that would provide free food in spring for students who are coming here to learn about God from local pastors/teachers.

cairo in the city

The second portion of our time in Egypt was spent in the city. Here we worked with multiple churches, even splitting as a team at times to run programs in multiple locations. I was blessed with the opportunity to preach, teach, or lead worship almost every day that we worked with the church here and loved every second of it. I was incredibly encouraged by the hunger of the Egyptian church, and am excited to see many of these relationships continue as I desire to visit back here again in the future!

🇲🇽 Carnaval (Back to mexico!) 🇲🇽

In other words, one excessive, five-day rager of a party where beer is cheaper than water. Hundreds of thousands of people gather most literally right outside our property in Mexico, and our whole base shuts down all normal operations for a week to go all-in to serve and minister in this time; our students, staff, and volunteers split into one of many different unique ministry opportunities. Whether it’s going into the party and evangelizing, working in the “red-light” areas of the city, creating prophetic art, performing live music, providing coffee, praying for people, or just giving out free hugs, we all come together to have a blast and love those that are already loved :)

I had the opportunity of serving in media (photo and video) which allowed me to spend time with each of our teams. From party-goers dressed in costumes to members of the cartel, I am without words at seeing the power of God meeting people; we saw over 600 people decide to surrender their old life and step into a new life in Christ. It felt like something out of the Bible - people were deciding to immediately respond and get baptized in the ocean! Salvation, healing, deliverance, freedom, and entire families experiencing restoration in the street. What has been happening is miraculous, and I keep asking… what is God doing using a bunch of messy, young, and seemingly unqualified people? But that’s just it - it’s not at all about religiosity or trying to be “good people.” Instead, I’m seeing how much God can do with just a few who are truly willing and have given a “yes” with their life.

I still can’t get over it how special this time was - so many came to party with the intention of finding happiness and to fill a void, and so many are now leaving having actually found what they were truly looking for: the man Love Himself.

Here are some of my favourite shots from this time…

What Im learning…

So much. I think most of all I am learning to celebrate. Yes, the obvious moments of success that are easy to point to, but also I’m really seeing the invitation to embrace and take ownership of where I’ve completely missed it too. God, in the most kind of ways, has answered my prayers to confront, convict, and remove parts of my “self-life” that don’t involve Him, even if they are “good” things. In zeal I have a tendency to do things for God, and I miss the entire point of co-laboring with Him and doing life with Him. Intimacy with God cannot be a part of my life, it must be my life.

All that to say, these last months on outreach have allowed me to see very clearly where I’ve dropped it, but also have provided such a sweet invitation of freedom to declare His Lordship over each of these areas. I’m discovering that it is my sincere cry to be surrendered before Him, completely relying and depending on Him for everything. He alone deserves all the glory.

Lyndon, what’s next?

After these last months of intense, all-day-every-day ministry mode internationally, I will briefly be visiting Charlotte to spend time with my family. At the start of April I will return to Mexico and begin three months of staff training (called ARTIOS) before fully stepping into my role on base. The plan is to staff “Burning Hearts” schools (most likely with the school starting next January) and will serve in another department on base until then. God has been unpacking so much vision, strategy, and excitement around the months and years to come in ministry, and I cannot wait to continue this journey with you and with Him :)

fun extra SURPRISe

After an unprecedented snow-storm during the latter portion of our travel and visa complications with the two Mexicans in our team, the three of us had an extra day to spend in our layover in Athens, Greece. Of course, we used this time to visit many of the historic sites here! In this video, Alex and I share from Mars Hill (Areopagus) where Paul preached about the resurection of Jesus Christ in Acts 17. In sharing the Gospel with love and power daily in the street, he was eventually brought to this exact location to present before the leaders of the city. This is where he emphasized something much greater than worldly ideology, philosophy, or even religious rules - one true living God who came as a man and died… to then resurrect and provide salvation to all who believe.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers :)

In the beloved,

Lyndon Matthew Lloyd

“May we be willing to stop everything we deem important, just to get utterly lost in His presence.”