As I am approaching the two year mark of my time here in Mexico, I am blown away by how much has happened and all that God has done. We’ve provided tangible aid to those in need, trained hundreds to be sent out into missions, and have been eye-witness to thousands and thousands coming to Jesus and finding new life in Him.

I am beyond grateful for all the moments here, and now begs the question: 



I will be moving up to Southern California to continue in ministry of YWAM at a base called Circuit Riders. I have been connected to this team for nearly 5 years, and over the last year have increasingly felt this to be the next place to plant in ministry. I have been walking with the leadership for several months in mentorship and have also become interconnected in much of the community/ministry there (helped staff a school this summer in England with them).  


two primary things:

  1. Firstly, I will be helping oversee events, tours, and gatherings in Central and/or Northern Europe moving into the next year. This involves Gospel events planning across the region as well as discipleship/leading a team of around 10-15 people to this region (will tour here most likely in Jan/Feb).
  2. And secondly, I will be a part of a core-team pioneering a men’s ministry/gathering and looking to host our first few events in different parts of the US in the next months. Now more than even there is an attack on identity, and we have seen such hunger and necessity to impart the heart of God into the next gen of men! 

Our target demographic are around 18-24 year old university students, and we have seen tremendous success strategically going after this group with the Gospel. Right now we are involved in over 400+ universities nationwide and are now sending teams internationally. We believe God is moving powerfully, and I am thrilled to step into a fiery group of missionaries who share in the same vision of equipping and enlisting the next Gen into the Gospel and Great Commission


  1. The transition in general: I'm moving countries, stepping into new community, and adapting to a new ministry culture. I'm no stranger to being on the move as a missionary, however I am believing for a quick and smooth transition! 
  2. Finances: California has a higher cost of living than Mexico, so I am in the process of raising funds for moving costs to get up and running right away. I am hoping to raise around $4k more at the moment (which will also help go towards a vehicle in the near future hopefully!)

During my time in missions, God has always provided exactly what I needed, never too much or little. I trust this will continue, and if you would like to invest further during this transition feel free to click here or reach out to me directly :) 


Each of you have faithfully partnered with me in the story-line of the last two years, and all of the testimonies of thousands saved/encountering Jesus are yours. Whether financially, prayerfully, or simply relationally, your generosity is beyond appreciated and such an example to me! 

Put simply, thank you is an understatement. 


Thank you for saying "yes" to the Lord with me, and for your 

partnership thus far!


The best is yet to come :)


With gratitude, 

Lyndon Matthew Lloyd

a lil bonus:

you would like to hear a quick summary about my summer seeing family + visiting Europe, click below! There's some fun evangelism testimonies and film photos involved as well :)